What is Elemental Digest Systems?

Elemental Digest - How the process works - spread fertiliser for brilliant growth - 100% recycling icon

Turns organic waste
into fertiliser

Turns your organic waste into fertiliser that you can use or sell

Make money

Elemental Digest - Significantly reduce your waste cost and make a great income icon

Significantly reduce
organic waste cost

The process converts cost
into income

Save money

Elemental Digest - Meet our Devon based team and brains behind the machine

Meet the brains
behind the machine

Meet the team behind
Elemental Digest Systems

Book a demo

The Technology

Elemental Digest - innovative solution icon

Innovative simple
cost-effective solution

See how the process works using our patented technology

See how it works

Elemental Digest - Built using revolutionary standard industry technology machines

Built on revolutionary
industry technology

Uses standardised and patented technology to instill confidence

Easy maintenance

Elemental Digest - Compact & transportable solution icon

Compact plug
& play system

Transportable in 2 x standard sized shipping containers

Easy to install

Environmental Benefits

Elemental Digest - Supporting green ethos and 100% eco friendly to the environment icon

100% Eco-friendly

All organic waste used in
a purely eco-friendly solution

Become eco-friendly

Elemental Digest - Recycle 100% of organic material icon

The ultimate recycling

Environmental 100% recycling
of ALL organic waste

Recycle your waste

Elemental Digest - Support local organic sustainability an green ethos icon

Local sustainability

Promotes locally grown,
processed & consumed

Support local

The Latest from Elemental Digest Systems

Elemental Digest Systems launch website

Elemental Digest Systems are proud to launch our new website. The website offers an overview of what...

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