About Us

Who We Are

Elemental Digest Ltd (EDL) turns an international food and industrial waste problem into value-added end products with impressive nutritional, economic and environmental benefits - a fully circular recovery process with zero waste.

We are an innovative Agri-Food technology company that holds international patents and unique intellectual property to install, through expert third-party manufacturers, fast process engineering machines that create a significant income stream for abattoirs and companies that have to manage organic waste. We do this by recovering valuable food extracts and creating a highly desirable organic 'clean' phosphate-rich fertiliser for crop and soil enhancement whilst simultaneously delivering significant environmental benefits.

Our on-site, technical and chemical process, protected by IP and patents (issued and pending in over 60 countries) recovers and recycles abattoir and industrial by-products. The process achieves a significant reduction of commercial, regulatory and environmental costs associated with abattoir-generated organic waste disposal.

Our process safely captures highly desirable fresh food components (fat, protein), retaining them in the human food chain, simultaneously collecting valuable bone minerals which, are quickly and bio-securely combined with organic waste and useful industrial by-products and converted into a novel, multi-compound, micronutrient dense, carbon-rich, homogenous, staged release fertiliser, free of contaminants which, resolve some of the major challenges facing farmers today.

Our aim is to be quality rather than a quantity based fertiliser business, where we are seen as plant and soil nutrition stewards. Developing knowledge to allow for the specialised application of nutrient packages and being a leading provider of recycling of valuable and resource-limited nutrients by using closed-loop systems in our production system.

We recognise that a shifting focus from food security (defined solely in terms of calories) towards a greater focus on nutrition quality (given the rise in diet-related illnesses and conditions, such as vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies and obesity) can also impact consumption patterns, agricultural production and food processing. This will drive the need for fertiliser to contribute to full spectrum nutrient replenishment in the soil and plants, not just Nitrogen (N) Phosphate (P) and potassium (K).

With the increased focus on environmental stewardship, resource competition and protection, health, safety and security concerns, and the pressure for greener and more eco-efficient farm systems, our fertiliser is constructed to meet and exceed these and evolving agri-food related objectives, and our process can be scaled quickly to meet demand.

Meet the dedicated team who have invested and committed many years to develop this innovative, ecological and profitable recycling and recovery process.

Our Team

  • Michael has had a 35+ year career in founding, running and successfully exiting health and nutrition-focused businesses. Invested in the company from the start, and motivated by his long understanding of the need to restore soil quality and enhance not only yield but nutrient density in plants. He presents internationally on immune nutrition and soil health discussing the implications of 'hidden hunger' on the development of chronic illness and publishes in peer-reviewed journals on the subject. Having taken companies from origination to successful sale he is familiar with the needs and challenges of startups and brings significant experience in managing the scientific and contractual aspects of the project as well as providing direction on key issues such as strategy, performance, resources, audit and standards of conduct.

  • Bruce Palmer
    Founder, Director

    Bruce has over 40 years' experience developing process engineering solutions to food management and waste innovation. It was his experience, vision and creativity which identified the need for a circular solution to meat protein production and the declining health of the soils. With over 6 years of development, research and optimisation he has realised his ambition creating a unique, patented process, that capture valuable assets previously lost from the human food chain and has added value to the other waste streams by creating a novel organo-mineral fertiliser. Bruce founded a successful pet food business (Forthglade) which he owned and ran between 1972 and 2010 before selling up to Private Equity. As he says "we can't afford to waste waste!"

  • Andrew Aitchison
    Production Director

    During a 35 year career, Andrew has held senior directorial roles in major companies, from large scale housing development to alternative energy generation. With a long term interest in waste re-invention and the desire to reduce environmental challenges and add value to agricultural production, he has been an active investor director from the start of the company. He is the lead with our engineering and meat producing partners, ensuring that the complex regulatory frameworks required to ensure safety and sustainability are exceeded and that all of the company's health and safety matters are kept on track throughout the engineering developments.

  • Robin McIlvenny
    Non Exec. Director

    As a proactive non-executive, Robin's key responsibilities are to support the CEO and CD in ensuring that operational strategy and financial issues are being managed on track.  Robin also provides support to Management in their ongoing engagement with investors. Robin brings 30+ years of experience in investment banking to the business, having worked in senior positions with Deutsche Bank, Bank Austria, Bank America and JP Morgan. He spent 12 years as CEO of a $1bn+ private investment bank based in the Gulf which invested in PE and growth capital deals across the US, Europe and SE Asia.    Since 2005, he has been an active VC/PE investor, including several clean-tech and industrial projects, and from 2014-2107 was a Senior Adviser on Inward Investment for the UK Government’s Department for International Trade (DIT).

  • Dean Hislop
    Finance Consultant

    Dean is providing finance, commercial and strategic support services to the Board.  He has 25+ years of global finance and operational leadership experience gained in private equity backed and blue chip corporate businesses, focussed on natural resources, large scale renewable energy development projects and waste recycling.   Prior to starting his own consultancy, Dean was the Chief Executive of Tamar Energy Limited, a £100m start-up recycling and energy business backed by an influential group of investors which in under five years developed, constructed and acquired 11 operating sites capable of recycling c.450,000 tonnes of organic waste per annum and generating 12MWe of renewable energy.  Dean is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and has previously held senior leadership roles at 2Co Energy Limited, Subsea 7, Rio Tinto plc and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  These roles have enabled him to gain considerable experience of financing and developing large-scale projects in the UK, USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa and Australia, and is therefore well placed to support the development and commercialisation of Elemental Digest’s technology both within the UK and internationally.

  • Adrian Guy
    Head of Chemistry

    Adrian is responsible for chemical innovation and regulatory management and has extensive experience in chemical engineering and the utilisation of animal and useful industrial by-products for nutrient extraction.  Involved since the very early days with the development of the mass balance and nutrient solubility processes, he also works on the research and development projects and patent applications whilst exploring novel circular strategies for waste re-capture and re-use. Many years of practical and industrial development with Bruce has meant the progressive development of the IP and constant refinement of the process to ensure fertiliser consistency and extensive organic waste conversion strategies.

  • Richard Perry
    Project Engineer

    Richard is responsible for developing and evolving the engineering side of the process alongside Adrian and Bruce as well as working closely with Andrew and the engineers at both our major engineering and abattoir partners. Key aspects of his role include, health and safety, quality control, compliance development of design and technical documents. Richard is an experienced project engineer and manager with a background in control and process systems within the water and waste water industries, agricultural sectors and Research and Development projects.

  • Alex Gardener
    Edibles Consultant

    Alex is responsible for the product development of both stock and fat across the range of proteins, the sales and marketing strategy to launch these products to both UK and global major food companies. Key aspects include detailed research and testing of all equipment used in the process, optimisation of enzymes and ensuring a quality, high performing end product. The products have been developed to facilitate a strategy that includes sustainability, traceability, provenance, reduced salt, reduced food miles, reduced supply chain risk and eliminating food waste to name a few of the benefits. Alex has over 24 years' experience as a Managing Director; most recently 15 years' experience as MD of an ambient grocery food manufacturer, specialising in the savoury ingredients sector.

  • Tony Hinman
    Fertiliser Consultant

    Tony has been a senior executive for over 40 years in the fertiliser and reclaimed chemical industry. A skilled fertiliser formulator and acutely aware of the current and future challenges related to soil health and input control for farmers, as well as the increasing requirements for precision farming he has helped to identify useful industrial by products and introduced numerous specialist distributors and plant nutrition experts to EDL and them to Thallo® to ensure that the formulas are those most sought by amenity, horticultural and arable end users are developed. With in excess of 25 years experience in the re-use of useful industrial by products, Tony champions innovation and distribution to farmers and agronomists and has been an advisor to the BOD for many years.


Clean and Cool Mission Brazil

The Clean and Cool Mission to Brazil was an entrepreneur-led mission to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for 17 of the UK’s most promising and innovative cleantech SMEs ready to do business overseas.

EDL was invited to be part of this group of technology start-ups backed by UK Trade and Investment and Shell’s GameChanger programme. The aim of this public and the privately-funded venture was to create important connections in an exciting new market.

The Mission helped winning companies develop quality contacts within value chains, gain unique insight, profit from the fresh stimulus, and improve their pitch and profile.

Since our time there we have remained in ongoing development talks with some of the largest Agri-Food businesses and relevant government departments with an aim to export our expertise via licensing agreements.

Whilst European economies are also in need of fertiliser, food security and soil regeneration, the most exciting potential for growth still comes from emerging nations especially those with substantial beef industries and soil health challenges.

For example, Brazil has 1.1 million dairy farms, over 50 million cattle and a phosphate and energy crisis. Our patented processes that turn ABPs and organic matter into a viable, safe and slow release organo-mineral fertiliser with zero waste were well received.