EDL’s Clean and Cool Mission Brazil 2013

    The Clean and Cool Mission to Brazil was an entrepreneur mission to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for 17 of the UK’s most promising and innovative cleantech SMEs ready to do business overseas.

    The Mission helped winning companies: develop quality contacts within value chains, gain unique insight, profit from a fresh stimulus, and improve pitch and profile. Why Brazil? Brazil’s continued economic growth combined with social, regulatory and business driven changes are opening more pathways and delivering greater momentum towards sustainable development.

    EDL was one a select group of companies selected to attend this business development project. Since our time there we have remained in ongoing development talks with some of the largest agribusinesses and relevant government departments with an aim to export our expertise. EDL was invited to be part of a group of technology start-ups on a Clean and Cool Mission to Brazil, backed by UK Trade and Investment and Shell’s GameChanger programme. The point of this public and privately-funded venture was to make connections in an exciting new market.

    The 17 companies chosen to go on this mission had previously earned the right to be here by impressing judges with their business cases. For example, Brazil has 1.1 million dairy farms, 23 million cows and an energy crisis. Our patented process that turns ABPs into a viable safe and slow release fertiliser was well received.