EDL Selected to Present at IFA Montreal 2019 Conference

    EDL have been selected from over 50 international applications to present their research related to their fertiliser and its effect on plant health and nutrition on June 11th – June 13th, 2019.

    We succesfully secured one of only 8 presenting slots after being reviewed by a Selection Committee comprised of industry leaders, and thought leaders. The IFA provide us a unique platform to pitch to over 200 of the worlds fertiliser companies on the impact our fertiliser has on nutrient density in plants.

    We aim to make a big impact with our zero-waste process and multi layered benefits to soils and their related biological companions, many of whom rely on access to the carbon compounds we include with the fertiliser elements to maintain viability. We look forward to meeting scientists and company exectutives that share the same mission of utilising fertiliser in a circular economic and ecological manner. The 2019 International Fertiliser Association annual conference will be held in Montreal.