Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits



Undesirable animal waste and valuable organic by-products throughout the world are not being efficiently converted or disposed of. Current processes are wasteful, costly to meat producers and carry a systemic risk of contamination throughout the animal, human & food chains.


Through a combination of proprietary technical and chemical processes, EDL turns waste into value-added end products with impressive nutritional, economic and environmental benefits – with zero waste.

We recover and recycle abattoir-generated organic waste and useful industrial by-products at a new facility in Devon. The patent-protected process produces Thallo®, a novel, homogenous, multi-compound, micronutrient dense, carbon-dense, staged-release fertiliser which is free from contaminants.

EDL manufactures high-efficiency, sustainable bioavailable fertilisers for the agriculture, amenity and horticulture industries. EDL developed and uses a unique technology that not only optimises nutrient availability and efficiency for plants but also improves soil health, preserves and enhances natural resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling organic materials back into the land is a model for the much sought-after circular economy, in which resources are continually cycled — much like what happens in nature, except faster.

EDL is committed to offering locally installed, profitable and sustainable solutions to customers, their communities and global agriculture.

In addition, this process means that Animal By-Products (ABPs) will no longer need to be transported across the country for incineration, which has historically been one of the risk factors identified in some vector-related disease outbreaks and will also reduce transport-related carbon costs.

The material produced is an agronomically sound, sustainable, broad spectrum, slow-release fertiliser which is highly desirable to the fertiliser market. 

Currently, EDL is concentrating its processing technology on the abattoir market as there is a significant national and international need to better manage the organic waste produced from meat production.

Turning this problem into a sustainable and value-adding solution to another problem (availability/security of fertiliser), whilst retaining full commercial viability is our core focus.

Thallo® will help farmlands be better managed to enhance biodiversity from microbes in the soil for the benefit of plants, insects, fish, birds, and mammals including livestock that contribute to the production of wholesome foods, healthy soils, clean water, and sequestering of greenhouse gases.