The PLOS Crops, Food Security & Food Systems Channel

    We were very please to learn that just 2 weeks (27th September 2019) after publication in the PLOS One journal that our article was selected by the editors of the PLOS Crops, Food Security & Food Systems Channel to feature in their Related Content section for the next few weeks. This is a global forum for crop science, food security and food systems research to be presented.

    Food security, which encompasses food availability, access, utilisation, and stability, is a global issue affecting all populations around the world. To achieve several of the United Nations’ food security-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), key factors include overcoming boundaries in both crop sciences (crop development & maintenance) and food systems (food manufacturing processes & infrastructure). From concerted research efforts in host-parasite relationships to molecular breeding to natural resource management, SDGs such as “Zero Hunger” and “Life on Land” could make significant progress.

    This Channel curates the latest and most impactful research in crop science and food systems to better understand their implications for food security.

    The Channel Editors are united in the belief that a coordinated, integrated, and prioritised research agenda is required to effectively ensure progression in this area. The PLOS Crops, Food Security & Food Systems Channel provides a space where multiple fields are brought together in one platform, and challenges researchers to think beyond individual research domains. @PLOSChannels.