The Process

Environmental Benefits

EDL has created an innovative solution which takes organic waste and turns it into an agronomically sound fertiliser. Aside from its evident environmental benefits, our revolutionary process turns an undesirable cost into a profit.

eds-stage1Stage 1: Insert organic waste

EDL’s technology is able to process almost any organic plant or animal-derived wastes, including abattoir waste (blood, bone, gut content, lairage, feathers, wool), food waste,  manures and chicken litter.

eds-stage2Stage 2: Mixing process

Organic material is milled to a fine paste.

eds-stage3Stage 3: Heating, sterilising and chemical conversion

Material is heat treated and subjected to EDL’s pioneering chemical process.

eds-stage4Stage 4: Final process creates fertiliser

Material is then processed into a slow release fertiliser called Thallo®.

eds-stage5Stage 5: Take fertiliser and use!

The fertiliser can be customised to return specific nutrients back to the land or can be blended with other compounds, during or post-production.